The Guild Master looks speculatively at all the people in the Realm, wondering who will answer the call.

Welcome, Home!

Speaker for the Dead is a World of Warcraft guild on the Blood Furnace realm. Due to Blizzard’s “connecting/coalescing” realms, it’s also available on several other realms at least in part: Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar. There may be more.

Why Join a guild?

Reason 1: Tight-knit friend group As long as your guild is large enough you’ll make friends. After all, this is a social game – regardless of whether it’s super encouraged by the game or not – so having a group to be around a lot can be great.

Reason 2: Get better at the game As long as you play with people who know what they’re doing, you can easily get tons of help improving at the game. I mean, I’m doing that right now.

Reason 3: Raiding, PVP, m+: With a consistent group, it’s much easier to reliably do any of those three tasks, and know it will go alright. Not only are they more fun, but much easier. And, if you exclusively do low-level stuff, you might be able to work up to high-end stuff easier.

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.

Jackie Chan

I think that many people in WOW are walking dead. They are under tremendous pressure as they reach “end-game” to play specific hours, and press towards whatever goal their guild has set for them. Sure there may be a place for that, but WOW is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. I hope the guild members can communicate to those people they see that they shouldn’t be walking dead, and the cornerstone of a game is fun! We pick up the wounded along the side of the virtual road, invite them in, and help them heal, and remind them it’s a game. This is a place of home. When you think “I want to go home” I hope that is the kind of feeling you get when you think about this guild.


This guild started recruiting again in December of 2020, but is based on, and is actually the same guild as an alliance guild that dates back to Mar of 2007. Originally the guild was the first “Heroes” guild in the US, then it was renamed to “Ohana” (which means family.) After that, the Mrs and I were burned out running one of the 10 largest guilds in the US for so long (think 60+ hours a week, all administrivia, with no actual playtime). In this iteration we intend to be a lot less hardcore, but put this website up for information about the guild and to understand the history.

This website is an attempt to document where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go.

Here in SFtD, we speak for those who have been abused, harried and harrassed, and make them a safe place to play.

If you want to join search for “Speaker for the Dead” in the Guild Directory, or drop us an email here: [email protected]


We are looking for the harried and harassed:

  • Those who are frustrated by the guild systems around WOW. Groups where you have to exchange your freedom to join. They tell you when you have to play, what you have to play, how you have to play. There may be a place for that, but we don’t think guild membership is where it belongs.
  • Those who are friendly, helpful, and treat everyone else with respect.
  • Those who can walk away when there is an abrasive person instead of launching attacks in guild chat.
  • Those who WANT TO HAVE FUN! This is a game!

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

William Saroyan

In SFtD, the Membership guidelines & Guild Vision apply to all. In SFtD, although we do have “Ranks”, and all the members are equal. Some have chosen to take additional responsibilities around running the guild, but regardless of how people choose to serve the guild, we are all the same — people here to have fun. 
We do RAIDing, but we are not a raiding guild.
We have levelers in our guild, but we are not a leveling guild.
We have social players in our guild, but we are not a social guild. We have PVPers in the guild, but we’re not a PVP guild. We have professional crafters (rich people) in our guild, but we are not a crating guild.
We have extensive structure, all documented on this website, which is why a guild of this site is working so well and going on strong.
So far the best theme song I have found for the guild that embodies the vision is “Home Again” by Blackmore’s Night.
So what type of guild are we? We are the guild for everyone else. We’re SFtD! 

Thanks for stopping by!