Mortifera (Latin for deadly, fatal, death-bringing) is the Guild Master. He and his wife Skydancer have been leading WOW guilds since the late 2000s. Mortifera has a gift for marketing and organization. In real life, he is a CISO of a Financial company, a commercial drone pilot, an ordained pastor, and a photographer. He has been an IT nerd since the mid 80’s when he worked at MIT while he was in high school. He is extremely aware of all the things he is no good at and tries to surround himself with people who are good at the things he sucks at. He and his wife led one of the top 10 largest WOW guilds in the US for several years. You can reach him via email here. He normally plays early morning, and some lunchtimes throughout the week. He also plays Saturday or Sunday mornings with his wife doing quests & instances. He has played a wide range of characters during his time at WoW, his favorites are probably his Demon Hunter & Druid Tank/Healer. Right now he’s working on an Assassin Rogue and a Prot Pally.
Alt: Allonys, Althaeus, Santamortem, Darkcold
Skydancer is also an excellent administrator and good with people. Like Mortifera she has been leading WOW guilds since the late 2000s but has more of a background role where most people don’t see her. She is a Lawyer & Mediator in Real Life, so she’s good at dealing with difficult people. Sky is available via email here.
Alt: Qui, Darkgoddess, Engagement
RAID Leaders — open
Drjackel- My name is Ronnie I have been part of the World of Warcraft community since late 2004. I am a full-time Team Leader at Chrysler/Jeep plant in the Detroit area. I have many hours of leadership experience not only in the workplace but in my spare time on games as well. Mannoroth has been the home to all my toons for the better of 10 years, in that time I was the leader of 3 guilds and the main tank in 4 guilds. I was also among the first on the realm with the Icc 10 man meta mount achievement and I have held number 1 most geared hoard on the mannoroth realm during the Pandaria expansion on my blood death knight “proud nerd.” I feel like I can be a nice light for returning and new players in my most active time slot between server hours of 2 am-9 am on most days. You can email him here.
Alts: Khoolaid, iceeyhott, leathalburn
Crafting Master — If you have any crafting questions, Lironah is the person to ask!
Lironah (aka Liro) is a longtime gamer who has played on and off since Classic. She loves to make stuff – both in real life and in WoW – and has alts with just about every crafting profession. Her favorite classes to play are Rogue and Hunter, though she is also quite fond of her Vulpera Death Knight. When not playing World of Warcraft, she likes to study new languages, write screenplays, and watch Marvel movies with her husband and 6 children. For the Horde!
Alts: Veshran, Orisha, Rasheka, Jadris
Many Class leader positions are available!
Do you know how to craft words so that they are still completely honest but make people want to respond to you? Perhaps you work at a large corporation during the day packed full of politics, and you are a master of the method? We need recruiters who are always on the lookout for new talent and work to recruit them. This might be as simple as looking for the wounded warriors by the side of the road and picking them up and helping them get back on their feed and into the guild, or a complex multi-week campaign with specific goals. If this is something that’s easy for you, please contact us. Bonus if you are a discord expert!