Mythic Reference Guide



The following is a reference guide to the mythic boss fights in each of the Shadowlands dungeons. First a quick word to ease some peoples minds when it comes to Mythic dungeons. The only difference between Normal, Heroic, Mythic 0, and Mythic 2-6   The trash and the main bosses have more hp increasing in difficulty with each progression. Mythic+ is also timed and adds an amount of trash that must be killed to complete each key. Each layer also adds a new mechanic. You can use the following as a reference on what to do for mythic and mythic +. DPS


To understand what affixes are on mythic keys please use the following reference guide. It also highlights the item level gear each level can drop from the end of the keys. Mythic 0 can drop loot from each boss. On Mythic + you get one loot drop at the end of the dungeon.

Also, at the end of each boss guide there is another Reference section This link gives details on trash fights, as well as a description of each boss mechanic.



You want to focus down Droman until the tree is no longer attackable. You need to interrupt Ingra Malochs Sprit Bolt. Once you can no longer attack Droman hard focus down Ingra. Try not to stand directly in front of Droman as the tree periodically does a frontal beam attack that will kill you. 

You want to dodge TEARS OF THE FOREST. These are blue swirls that are on the ground. Once Ingra gets down a certain percentage the fight is just rinse & repeat. Attack the tree until you cannot then focus Ingra and avoid swirls, and bad stuff on the ground.


Move out of the path of dodge ball. You will see blue arrows on the ground. Do not be directly in the path or they will kill you. If you are targeted by “PATTY CAKE” You need to interrupt Mist caller as soon as possible. Only the person who is targeted by this can interrupt it. 

During FREEZE TAG a fox will appear and fixate on a random player. This needs to be avoided at all times getting hit will turn you into a block of ice. Use any crowd control techniques, and the fox will disappear after 14 seconds. 

At 70% 40% and 10% health you will play the guessing game. This needs to be done as quickly as possible you must kill the correct person, or you risk party wide aoe damage. You must find the odd symbol out. There can either be filled or empty leaves, filled or empty flowers. Filled or empty flowers and leaves with a circle. This part takes a bit of practice to understand but look for the one that is different. Example if everything is filled in and there is one that is empty kill the one with the empty symbol. 


This boss will cast consumption at 70% and 40% health. You need to avoid swirls and pools on the ground while DPS the boss as hard and as fast as you can to take down their shield so you can kick consumption as fast as possible. 

players will be targeted by mind link. Simply run-in opposite directions of each other to break this.

Gromlings ads that spawn need to be cc’d so they do not reach the boss. They need to be killed as quickly as possible, but keep in mind that when they die, they leave a pool on the ground. 

If a player is under mind control You will need to attack that player to break them out of it. 




Corrupted blood needs to be moved out of groups and off to the sides.

When the boss is casting BLOOD BARRIER use defensive cooldowns. The amount of damage done by Blood Barrier is buffed back on to the boss.

Dodge blood barrage and kill ads.



Kick Frost Bolt whenever possible.

The Power Crystal must be soaked at all times. 

He will cast a DoT effect called Diabolical DOOOOM. This ability deals party wide damage that can stack up fast and wipe the group. It can only be interrupted by ECHO FINGER LASER.

ECHO FINGER LASER– will target people. They will need to position themselves across from each other with the boss in between them. Make sure if you are not targeted by this, you are not in the path as it will stun you for 8 seconds and deal significant damage.

Millificent Manastorm

She will spawn bombs that will need to be clicked on to disarm them. 

A player will be targeted by ShadowFury They will have a big purple ring underneath them. This needs to be brought up so that the boss is inside the ring to stun her stopping her from casting.

Dealer Xy’era

Dodge Swirls on the ground.

Players will be targeted with a bomb icon over their head. When the bomb is approximately 75% filled, they will need to step inside of DISPLACEMENT TRAPS so the bomb will explode in the air. 

When the boss is casting Explosive Contrivance every player will need to use the displacement traps to hurl themselves into the air.


For this fight you need to watch the boss’s hands. If both hands go up, run away from the boss. If his left hand goes up, run to the right of the platform. Likewise, if his Right hand goes up run to the left side of the room.

The boss will cast Shattered Reality. When this happens, you must run inside a portal before the cast is finished. Once inside you will kill an add while avoiding purple circles. Once that add is dead, turn around and click the totem that is behind you. Which portal you take should be discussed before the boss fight starts. There are 2 in the front on the left and the right and 2 in the rear left and right. This is where the majority of the DPS on the boss is done, the more totems that get clicked, the faster the boss dies.




Kick HungeringDrain whenever possible. 

NEVER Have your back facing the cliff, there is a lot of knockback damage during this fight.

Players should stack in a line for Juggernaut Rush. This is a charge ability that needs to be soaked.

You should aim to pop all the bubbles they spawn after this as they will heal the boss. All bubbles need to be popped by running through them. Everyone should do 1-2 bubbles but no more per person.


Players affected by Castigate should move out of the group. You will know you have this by the big red circle that forms underneath you. 

Kill ads as fast as possible, when they die, they will leave glass shards on the ground be mindful not to stand in those.

Two giant orbs will rotate around the circle you are in. You will need to dodge these at all costs. Simply move left and right depending on which orb just passed you.


Dodge the swirls on the ground. 

The boss will cast Right of Supremacy players need to collect golden orbs. There are 15 orbs that spawn. Each player should pick up orbs a piece to mitigate the amount of damage taken once the cast is complete. If you are unable to collect orbs because someone else was greedy, use a defensive cooldown.


Spread out for Wicked Rush. This ability targets two random players make sure others are not in the path. It hits the first person, then path finds directly to the next.

Avoid beams from Piercing Blur. You will see red orbs appear, Do not be in line with the red orbs. 

When the boss casts Gloom Squall all players must run into the golden dome that is put up by the tank. If you do not make it into the dome you will be thrown off the map.  For ranged players during this fight I suggest standing a lot closer than normal. 




You need to stay inside the big red circle that appears around the boss. 

Heave Debris throws glass shards onto random players. You should move out of this as quickly as possible.

During Light of Atonement beams will rotate around the boss, you need to move in the direction the beams are rotating so you do not get hit by the beam. Be mindful of Glass Shards on the ground, running through them will not do that much damage, but make sure to get out of it as soon as you can.


Move out of blood pools as quickly as possible.

Gather all ads into one place and aoe them until they turn into stone.

When targeted with STONE SHATTERING LEAP. Move to where the ads are to destroy them. NO one else should be inside of this circle.

 If you have a curse cure class, you can use this to get out of stone form if you are turned.


Kick Volley of Power as much as possible.

Avoid big swirls on the ground.

If you are fixated by Ghastly Parishoner Run behind one of the canisters that are around the room. Each canister can only be used one time, If you see red on the canister that means it is open so use it. If you do not see a red glow, move to another canister.

Lord Chamberlain

Avoid his frontal cone attack Unleashed Suffering by not standing directly in front of him. 

Telekenetic Toss will fly from one side of the boss through him to other. Do not be in between this.

He will pull 4 statues to him; you will see red beams attached to them be fore he does. Do not stand in the path. Once they come in, he will throw them back out make sure you are in between the pillars when this happens.

After he tosses the pillars, he will cast RITUAL OF WOE. The beams must be soaked. This is a very damage heavy area of the fight. Use defensive cooldowns and health potions as healers will struggle on this part to keep you alive.


Spires of Ascension

Kintara  & Azules

Do not stand in front of Azules, the bird shoots out black orbs that hit for a lot of damage. 

Do Not stand in between Azules and Kintara. You want to aim to stay behind Azules as much as possible. It will fly all over the map.

Dark Lance should be kicked as much as possible. 

When targeted by Dark Spear move away from other players. It drops a pool on the ground. Try to avoid it all costs. 


Avoid the black balls. (easier said than done)

This boss casts Blinding Flash. It is a frontal cone attack so make sure you stay behind the boss as much as possible.


Stay stacked up behind the boss. So that Empyreal Ordinance can be placed as close together as possible. This is indicated by a Blue Marker above everyone’s head. You will see a big pool start to form. Simply move out of the pool.

When you are targeted by Parifying Blast move out of the group.

BIG BLUE ORBS will spawn these need to be soaked. Use defensive cooldowns to minimize damage.


Phase 1

When targeted by Lost Confidence move away from others if you can. 

When the boss casts Abyssal Destruction You must run inside the big bubble that appears. 

DO NOT be in the path of CHARGE.

 Phase II

You must collect blue orbs and run them to the middle to the spear. Simply run through the orbs and then run to the spear.

 BLACK POOLS will spawn on the ground try to avoid them as much as possible. Once enough orbs have been collected usually the tank will hit her with the spear bringing you back in to phase 1.


Necrotic Wake

Blight Bone

For this fight, avoid puddles on the ground. 

You want to use CC on the worms that spawn and kill them. 

You want to spread out, but not to far the boss does a frontal cone attack that will kill you.


KICK  FROST BOLT VOLLEY from the mage ads that spawn. 

Kill the ads as quickly as possible. 

When the ads are dead, you want to stay away from their corpses as they will explode when the boss casts FINAL HARVEST. 

Kick Necrotic bolt

Avoid Necrotic Breath.  It is a front cone attack that rotates around with the boss.

Surgeon Stitchflesh

If you are targeted by Meat Hook position your self to where the arrow points at the boss on the stage. When the count down gets to one second, move out of the way so the boss is pulled onto the floor. 

If the boss is on the floor already, and you get targeted with Meat Hook try to hit the boss again, so he stays on the ground longer. 

Avoid swirls on the ground. 

Runaway from the group if you are targeted with MORBID FIXATION

Nalthor the Rimebinder

DODGE comet storm, blue swirls on the ground. DO NOT STOP MOVING while this is cast. 

DARK EXILE you will be sent down to kill an add. RUN to the end of the hallway while dodging swirls, KILL the add as quickly as possible then click on the kyrian. The longer this takes, the bigger the debuff you will get so try to do it as fast as you can.

Stay outside of the circle of players targeted by FROZEN BLINDS.




You want to slow down, and CC all ads before they get to the boss.

You want to stay sort of close to the boss, but not directly on him. He casts SLIME WAVE which is a wide frontal attack. The closer you are, the easier it is to avoid. At the same time, you do not want to be directly on the boss because he does a STOMP that hits like a truck.


You want to try and stay out of the slime as much as possible.

Kill Virulent Explosions “bomb ads” that spawn. Avoid green circles. And kill ads.

Every player should move to the area the boss is currently at or at least as close as possible. The boss will target the furthest player from him and if you are on a different area, the tank cannot get threat back. 


Stay grouped up as much as possible. 


If you get a purple ring underneath you, move it away from the group, once it goes off get back in close. 

If a player gets too far from other players, they well be case inside of a cocoon. Other players must damage this to free you, so stay close. 

Margrave Stradama


Avoid Tentacles that will slam into you killing you instantly. They will go off in the order they came up, 



Affront of Challengers

Avoid Swirls on the ground.

Kick what you can. 

Order of kill does not matter, but usually it is a good idea for everyone to focus down Sathel first.

XAV the Unfallen

Kill the banners that spawn as soon as possible.

Move out of stuff  i:e green wave white cirlces etc.

WHEN players are thrown down to fight each other, whoever has the highest DPS should attack for the buff, the other person should just stand there and get beat as quickly as possible.


Players who are targeted by DRAIN SOUL should stand inside the green circles with hands coming out of them. 

If you miss a puddle, your soul will be pulled out of you, and you must run and catch it before you can attack again.


This boss will pull you to him with TENDERIZING SMASH you will need to run away and find the openings to avoid the meat hooks.



You need to fight the pull from GRASPING RIFT

Avoid the beam from Dark Devastation.

Spread out during Manifest Death.

Kick and Kill ads

GHOST ads will also spawn on the edge of the platform and charge in you need to not be in there way when this happens.