New Member Meeting

How to run a NMM

Make sure you have the Guild Resource Manager (GRM) add-on installed.

  • Each council member is expected to run at least one NMM’s a week.
  • At least one NMM should be in-game, in a RAID chat. If you schedule more than one, it can be in discord exclusively.
  • Schedule the meeting at least a week in advance on the /calendar. Make it a Guild Event. Try to mix the times/days of the meetings so everyone can attend at least one regardless of when they play.
  • You can hold the meeting anywhere that toons of all levels can get to. Somewhere in classic, easy to travel to from a capital.
  • The meetings start ON-TIME.
  • Anyone of “New Friend” rank who physically attends the entire meeting, and is ON-TIME, can be promoted to Member after the meeting. You have permission to Promote if you are a Council member.
  • I recommend starting a RAID for everyone who arrives on time, and you can track those who were physically there by using members of the RAID.
  • At the meeting, I pretty much just go through each page of this website, and explain the content to the people. You can do it in RAID Chat, or Guild Chat, whichever you prefer.
  • So go over all the pages — You don’t have to be super detailed, and instead of presenting technical information, you can say “… can be found on web.”
  • Ask for Questions at the end
  • A normal meeting should last about 15 minutes. I have made macros for the whole meeting, and I can do it in about 6 minutes going at a normal reading speed.
  • At the end of the meeting before you promote someone, ask them for their list of alts. Update that in the GRM addon. Each alt has to attend the NMM individually, you are sorry, but that is to avoid abuse. In the past, people would come, list of 8 of their friends’ toons, and they would all get promoted without coming to a meeting.
  • Promote the people AFTER the meeting to make sure they stay for the entire meeting