RAIDing Guidelines

This applies to RAIDING, Mythic+, and scheduled guild instance runs. All events on the in-game calendar are US/Central (Server time).

First I want to start with this video, I know it’s 11 years old, but it speaks about how to make yourself unreplaceable to a RAID group.

Raiders are expected to:

  1. Provide their own consumables (flasks/buff food).
  2. If the RAID Organizer provides flasks/cauldrons and/or feasts for the RAIDs, each member is expected to help replenish the supplies used to create those throughout the week in their downtime. Talk to the RAID Organizer on how to coordinate this.
  3. They are welcome to use the Guild Bank for repairs up to their daily quota which is based on their rank. 
  4. be geared, gemmed, and enchanted for the raid event they are signing up for
  5. be familiar with the fights by having watched videos or having read descriptions of the fights on one of the many websites available.
  6. Use the guild discord server. Install the client app, then click the + button in your server list, then join, and enter the URL found in guild information or the calendar invite. Other add-ons may be required by the individual raid leaders.
  7. show up for the calendar events they have committed to and show up on time. Life happens but it doesn’t happen every week, know the difference between real-life emergencies and poor planning your raid leader does. If you know you don’t get out of work till 6:30 and the event starts at 6:30 let your raid leader know. Holding or not holding the spot is entirely up to the individual raid leader but you have shown your maturity and commitment.
  8. be prepared to wipe. Not being a raiding guild we will rarely have the ideal raid make-up or even the same people in any given raid week to week. This is going to lead to wipes, suck it up, find something to laugh about, and keep trying. 
  9. If you want to RAID, or are a RAIDer, please keep you guild note up-to-date with your spec/cov/ilvl

Raid leaders are expected to be clear and consistent in stating what:

  1. Addon’s they require (defaults to DBM & Omen), BigWigs (strongly recommended)
  2. gear score or dps (if any) they require for a given event
  3. what the preferred raid make up is going to be (example: 2 tanks, 3 healers, 2 melee dps 3 range dps)
  4. the groups strategy is for downing any particular encounter from all 4 of the roles that make a up a raid. (examples Where does the raid leader want the tank to position the boss? Should melee dps stay on boss or switch to adds? There is going to be huge aoe spikes during this phase, so healers be ready to pop cooldowns, dps that can heal throw a couple to carry us through it.)
  5. will and won’t be acceptable behavior. 

A raid leader should never be orally abusive to their raiders. If someone messed up explain how they messed up calmly, not call them a moron (regardless of how much they may have deserved it). If they continue messing up warn them they will be kicked if they don’t stop or show some improvement (depending on situation). Then do so if necessary. 

Guild management will back raid leader decisions about what is happening during the raid. This gets complicated fast. I was going to type up a bunch of examples but you have probably already heard most of them. My personal feeling is the raid leader is always right. Not because they are actually right sometimes they are being real jerks and are dead wrong and being stupid about it. However, they are juggling trying to fit together a puzzle of raid class make up, 10 different personalities (egotistical ones if I am going to twit you about your opinion of raiders and raid leaders lol), strategies that work with the class make up and play styles of those 10 personalities, and make sure that loot is going to the folks who will utilize it best. They are usually stretched thin. Where I am going with this little rant is that in a guild setting we try and be fair. In a raid setting being fair doesn’t work. Your raid leaders are going to make seemingly arbitrary decisions that piss people off, these pissed off folks are going to come to you. You being a guild leader are going to try and find a solution that’s fair… IT WILL NOT WORK. Repeat after me : “SFtD is not a raiding guild. The raid leaders do not run the guild they run the raids. They spend a lot of their personal time and energy to provide us this service and I appreciate them doing so. It is not my job to tell them how to run their raids as it is their play time I don’t tell people how to spend their play time its not what a guild leadership does. I understand your issue and I sympathize, have you talked with the raid leader about this? Oh you cussed each other out cause you were both pissed off, have you tried apologizing, I am not saying its your fault but it smoothes the way and doesn’t cost you anything. Oh you will never talk to that SOB as long as you live… ok we do have other raid leaders hopefully they will fit your schedule. Oh you already ticked all them off as well. I am sorry about that but like I said we aren’t a raiding guild there really isn’t anything I can help you with.”