Real Reviews

These are legacy reviews, they will be updated as the new guild grows.

“… This is the best [] guild I’ve been in from my nearly 7 years of playing World of Warcraft. Considering the size [], it’s amazing how everything is organized and structured nicely. A good testament to [Mortifera’s] philosophy of what a guild should be.” 

“… This guild is amazing! This is clearly the standard to which all other guilds should be compared. Absolutely everything is clearly documented on the website, and there are so many activities, there is always something to do. All of the officers are incredible. Thanks for spending so much time to make [] such a home :)” 

“I think the guild is ran great, lots of organization and calendar events are scheduled. I look forward to possibly moving my main over here from my other server and hopefully joining in on some raiding.“

“I feel that this guild is the best I have ever been in and I have been playing WoW since the first 3 1/2″ disk game which I still have somewhere.”

“Lovely setup…its about time I ran into a serious guild ran by mature, intelligent people. Im honored to belong. :-)” 

“I love this guild. It’s like I have 2 families now. One is my wife and kids, the other is my fellow Heroes!” 

“I have over [20 max level toons] between all my servers, and this is the first guild I’ve ever really cared about. the perks are amazing and the members and officers are mature and helpful. ” 

If you are a member, and want to leave a review, email it to mortifera for inclusion here.