The Guild Vision

Our Vision

A Family is a social group of people who are related to each other with ties that cannot be broken. Our vision of SFtD is that it will be a WOW-based family. As you join and make friends in the guild, it is our fervent hope that these bonds can last a lifetime. 

Bard looks out from Sinfall with his singing sunflower

Part of Hawaiian culture, ʻohana means family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional. It emphasizes that family are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another.

It’s our hope that we can all learn together. Some in the guild will take the role of grandparents, some parents, and some children. As you hang out with us, you will find your place.

Sometimes you will be alone, doing whatever it is you do :), sometimes you will be playing with other family members, and sometimes PuG’ing. Sometimes guild chat will be completely quiet, sometimes it will be flying by too fast for you to read. It’s all good, and each phase has its place.

As with all families, it’s not just sunshine and rainbows. All Families sometimes have problems. If you have a problem with the Family (Guild), true members just don’t quit and join another guild, they make an effort to actually fix the problem. Talk to the people you are having issues with. See the conflict page. If it’s a more general issue with the Guild, talk to a council member. If neither of these work, talk to Mortifera directly.

Below is a video that most clearly reflects what SFtD is all about. The feeling “Home” when you finally find us. It’s “Home Again” by Blackmore’s Night.